The Mac's Creek story

Our farm is located at the foot of the Otways near Colac. Mac's Creek flows from the edge of the Otways right though the middle of our farm. We were introduced to rose veal during an overseas trip a few years ago. We were overwhelmed by the tenderness of the meat and the flavour created with this style of veal. It inspired us to start growing our own rose veal at home and we are so proud of the results. We are pleased to be featured on the menus of many top restaurants in Melbourne and across Victoria and we are always looking to partner with more chefs and restaurants who wish to add the unique flavour and texture of rose veal to their dishes.

About Mac's Creek and the Boyd family
Healthy soil

We make our own compost to spread on the farm as fertiliser, reducing chemical fertilisers and sprays.

Healthy calves

The health and happiness of our animals is our first priority. Our calves are reared Australian-style in the open air with fresh milk and feed to ruminate as they would naturally.


Healthy future

By combining veal and dairy production on our farm we are providing a viable future for the next generation.


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We are more than happy to provide samples of our product for trial. Contact us at the farm directly for more information.

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