Welcome to our farm Glengalla

We are located in the picturesque Otway foothills in Victoria’s South West. Our farm has undulating tree-lined paddocks with native wildlife and an abundance of bird life in the wet seasons.

Take a tour of our farm and see how successful sustainable farming can change the future of the dairy industry.

We are proud of our family business and our commitment to farming. Raising ethical, premium rose veal in addition to our dairy production means we are diversifying our opportunities, which ensures we can provide a viable future for our children to continue farming.

Our very own milk label

We also have our own milk brand Green Pastures

Green Pastures is owned by five farming families in the Otway region. We all practice biological farming methods, recycling the waste from their dairies to make compost as fertiliser for our farms.

You can buy our milk at Coles supermarkets in Victoria and New South Wales, and selected IGA, Foodworks, Maxi Foods and independent supermarkets.