Healthy soil

We make our own compost to spread on the farm as fertiliser, reducing the need for chemical fertilisers and sprays.

Healthy calves

The health and happiness of our animals is our first priority. Our calves are reared in the open air with fresh milk and feed to naturally ruminate.


Healthy future

By combining veal and dairy production on our farm we are providing a viable future for the next generation.


Biological farming

We have been practicing biological farming for almost 10 years. We compost all of our waste materials from our dairy farm into rows and spread it onto our soils as natural fertiliser, putting carbon back into the soils.

Our biological farming practices mean we have halved our spray use for weed control, and buy up to 70% fewer traditional fertilisers.

We know our soils are healthier. We are seeing more worms in the soil which are nature’s helpers, and we are seeing the soil become more alive. Roots are growing like they should – long, wide and strong, with richer, more nutritious grass.

Take a tour around our farm

We are proud of our family farm and our healthy, happy cows. Have a look around our farm at the foothills of Victoria’s stunning Otway region. We are located in a traditional high-rainfall area, with gentle undulation and many tree plantations for shelter belts, wildlife corridors and natural protection.