Welcome to our farm Glengalla

We are located in the picturesque Otway foothills in Victoria’s South West. Our farm has undulating tree-lined paddocks with native wildlife and an abundance of bird life in the wet seasons.

Take a tour of our farm and see how successful sustainable farming can change the future of the dairy industry.

We are proud of our family business and our commitment to farming. Raising ethical, premium rose veal in addition to our dairy production means we are diversifying our opportunities, which ensures we can provide a viable future for our children to continue farming.

Biological farming – It’s logical farming to us!

We have been practicing biological farming for almost 10 years. Biological farming means improving the health of our soils by putting carbon back into the soil and increasing the natural biological activity of the soil.

How do we do this? We recycle all of our waste materials from our dairy farm, compost it, and re-use it as natural fertiliser for our paddocks. Waste could include manure and soiled feed from the dairy and old silage or hay from our stacks on the farm. We spread the waste into rows and allow it to compost naturally, turning it every few weeks to let more oxygen in and let nature take its course. Once we are happy with the consistency and nutrient level of the compost, we spread it onto our soils as natural fertiliser.

biological farming

Farming this way means we can increase our productivity, reduce our input costs and improve our environmental footprint.

After years of measuring our grass growth and vitality, our soil health and our cow herd’s overall wellbeing, we know this method of farming is having a positive effect on our farm. It is also helping us to secure our future as a family farming business.

Our biological farming practices mean we have halved our spray use for weed control, and now buy up to 70% fewer traditional fertilisers.

biological farming

It also means in dry conditions like we have experienced in recent years, our soil is able to retain moisture for longer helping our pastures and crops to stay alive and remain viable for the following year.

We know our soils are healthier. We are seeing more worms in the soil which are nature’s helpers, and we are seeing the soil become more alive. Roots are growing like they should – long, wide and strong, with richer, more nutritious grass.